Bangcroft is finally here!!! I mean BANCROFT! I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this story with you. Bane is just . . . super sexy and totally together and Ruby is what I would call Violet Lite; quirky, funny, a little crazy, and a whole […]

Who Doesn’t Like FREE Stuff? (No one. That’s who.)

THE TWO YEAR PUCKIVERSARY OF PUCKED IS COMING MAY 3RD! So clearly we need to celebrate, right? I could give away some books, but then only one person gets something cool and everyone else sits around and hates on the person who won the books, or the things, or whatever it […]


I’m so very excited to share Lance with you! I think he’s my favourite Pucked boy, maybe because he’s just a little bit broken (but don’t tell Alex). Thank you so much to my team and to all my readers and the blogging community for all your support for this […]

SHACKING UP Cover Reveal

I have some seriously awesome book news! I have a BRAND NEW STANDALONE romantic comedy releasing with St. Martin’s Press this May! Check out the seriously HOT cover! I can’t wait for you to meet these characters. I’ve had so much fun with them.     PREORDER Ruby Scott is months […]

Happy New(ish) Year!

I’m not great with New Years posts. I always have the best of intentions, but then it ends up being a week later and I still haven’t posted anything so the point is lost. It’s only January 2nd, though, so I think I’m doing pretty good. Next year I’ll try […]