Who Doesn’t Like FREE Stuff? (No one. That’s who.)

THE TWO YEAR PUCKIVERSARY OF PUCKED IS COMING MAY 3RD! So clearly we need to celebrate, right? I could give away some books, but then only one person gets something cool and everyone else sits around and hates on the person who won the books, or the things, or whatever it […]

It’s a HAT TRICK & A Pucked Over Outtake!

This week all three books in The Pucked Series: Pucked, Pucked Up AND Pucked Over  hit USA Today’s Bestseller’s List! I don’t think there’s any better way to celebrate such an awesome book launch than by thanking my readers and all the amazing bloggers and reviewers for spreading their love […]

A Special Holiday Surprise for My Awesome Readers!

Two OUTTAKES, a DELETED Scene and a SNEAK PEEK at PUCKED Over!   The Holidays are upon us! In the spirit of giving, I have a not ONE, but TWO special holiday inspired outtakes for you, one from the PUCKED series and one from The Clipped Wings series! I also […]