PUCKED Holiday Outtake (2015)


Young sexy bride in erotic lingerie over grey background


A PUCKED Holiday Outtake


~*~ Alex ~*~

I toss my gym bag directly into the laundry room before I head down the hall. I don’t do it because I’m anal; it’s so Violet doesn’t trip over it when she’s leaving for work in the morning. I’m not sure how it happens exactly, because it’s a huge black duffle bag on a tan tile floor, but she’s managed to bruise the crap out of her knees a couple of times and sprain her wrist once.

I don’t need her injured over the holidays. Not with her parents coming to visit at the end of next week. Mine will be here, too. We’re hosting the family gathering, because I have the space.

Violet’s insisted on cooking a turkey. My mom will be here to help, so she should be fine, but Violet is not a chef and my mom likes to be the master of her own domain. I’m hopeful it won’t cause friction between them, and that it won’t make it difficult for me to achieve friction while they’re here.

Violet isn’t particularly quiet during sex. She’s quite vocal. And I fucking love it. But I may have to invest in some kinkery if we’re going to have sex with my parents staying here. Like a gag. Even with the bedroom all the way down the hall there’s no guarantee they won’t hear. Plus my dad’s a nighthawk. And he’s always got the munchies.

As I enter the kitchen I’m greeted by the smell of vanilla and char. A tray of cookies sit on the island. They’re shaped liked stars. They’re a little dark around the edges, but they don’t look too bad. Until I flip one over. It’s black on the bottom. I smile and drop it back on the tray. She’s making an effort. It’s cute.

“Violet, baby? Where are you?” I check the main floor, but I can’t find her. I assume that means she’s upstairs since her car is here. The one I bought her. Because I can. And I want to.

I have to leave tomorrow morning for a series of away games. I’ll be gone for a week and when I get back, my sister and her best friend will be in town and likely hanging out with us a lot. That means our usual routine of “Welcome Home Fuck Day” as Violet so sweetly dubbed it, may not be easy to pull off. We’ll see. My plan is to get as much action as I can tonight, as many ways as I can get it, so I’m stocked up for the week away.

I hit the stairs, taking them two at a time. “Baby? I’m home,” I call out again. Still, I’m met with silence. Where the hell is she?

I rearrange my hard-on so it’s not at a weird angle and head toward our bedroom, picturing her naked in the shower, or better yet, in the tub. Now I’m all excited. Workouts do that to me, all the exertion without any follow up release can be tough to take. Much like away games.

I push open the door and cross to the bathroom, expecting to find her lying in the Jacuzzi tub, surrounded by bubbles, her gorgeous, long auburn hair piled up high on her head. I can already see her luscious, awesome, tits bobbing in the water. But there’s nothing. What the fuck?

I return to the hall. All the doors are open, the way Violet likes them. She gets weirded out when she can’t see what’s going on behind them. The one at the end of the hall, which is Violet’s private space—and mostly where she keeps all the crap she doesn’t want to throw away but doesn’t know where to put—is shut up tight.

She’s been hiding out in there a lot. I’m starting to get concerned about it, to be honest. We’ve only been living together for four months, but we’re coming up on a year since we started dating. You learn a lot about a person over twelve months. I hope the amount of time she’s been spending in her “office” isn’t a sign that things aren’t as awesome as I think.

With that in mind, I creep toward her office. A creaky spot makes me pause, but I can hear music through the door. I put my hand on the knob and turn it. But it’s locked.

I frown. What is she doing in there that would warrant locking the door? What’s she hiding from me? I put my ear against the door. I hear a low hum. It’s steady and repetitive. Like a vibrator. Now I really want to get in there. We have great sex. All the time. Constantly. Even when I’m away I call her and we phone fuck. God, I love phone fucking. I love the way Violet sounds like she’s right there with me. I love it when she tells me she misses my cock. And now she’s locked herself in her office with her vibrator where I can’t get to her.

I knock on the door, probably with more force than I need to. I hear a little shriek of surprise and the vibrator stops humming.

“Violet? Why’s the door locked?” I rattle the knob.

“Hold on! I’ll be right there.”

It sounds like things are being knocked over. “If you’re naked, don’t bother getting dressed.” I draw my shirt over my head and run a hand through my hair. Then pull my belt free from the clasp and pop the top button on my jeans. Just so I’m prepared.

Violet opens the door a crack and peeks out at me. “Hi, baby!” Her single eye darts down, over my bare chest to my open pants. “Oh, hey.” She opens the door a little more and slides out of the narrow gap.

Most of Violet is small, apart from her boobs. Those are not small. She cringes as she mashes them against the door jamb, trying to get through without opening the door any wider. She’s definitely hiding something. I take in her outfit. She’s wearing her robe. The red one, with my team logo on it. It’s the middle of the afternoon.

“Were you jilling off in there?” It comes off snappy.

Her eyebrows come down. “What?”

“Why are you wearing this? What were you doing in there?” I try to push past her, but she bars the way by putting a hand on either side of the jamb. I can easily move her aside. She weighs half what I do. But I assume she can explain before I go barging into what’s supposed to be her personal space.

“I’m making your Christmas present.”

“What?” I’m confused. The humming sound, her state of semi-dress and the flush in her cheeks all lead me to believe she’s been petting her pussy. “But I heard a vibrator.”



“That was my sewing machine, baby.” Violet pulls the door closed behind her. Then she puts her hands on my bare chest. “I only need to use my vibrator when you’re not here to provide your extensive, sexual services, Alex. You know that.” She bites her lip and leans in, her boobs rubbing against my stomach. I’m not sure if this is meant as a distraction or not.

I glance down. Her robe is satin, the deep V gaping. She rises up on her toes and kisses the bottom of my chin. “And even if I did need to jill-off, why would I bother doing it in my office? We have a very spacious, comfortable bed. If I’m going through all the effort in the first place, me and Barry are doing it lying down.”

I tense. Barry is her vibrator. I bought it for her as a joke. It’s a battery operated dick that looks like a beaver wearing tightie whities. His name is literally Barry the Beaver. When I’m not home and she has to manage on her own, she tells me Barry’s in bed with her. It drives me fucking nuts.

“You were worried.” It’s not a question.

I nod. Sometimes it works in my favor to be sensitive. Violet loves that I can kick the shit out of someone on the ice, not that I need to, or do, but then I come home and I’m all soft and warm and cuddly, and sometimes I’m a little needy. Like right now. Because I’m leaving in the morning. For more than a week.

I’m not going to sleep beside her. See her. Touch her. Be inside her. The long stretches are the worst.

“You know you’re my number one.” She slips her arms around my neck and tugs.

Her mouth tastes like candy canes. I don’t have much patience. We have hours, but it doesn’t feel like enough time. I pick her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. I hold onto her ass and carry her to our bedroom.

Her lips are on my neck, traveling up to my ear. “I had a nap this afternoon. I figured the Super MC might want to have a little party with my beaver.”

It lifts some of the heaviness of my mood. I chuckle and nuzzle her throat, pushing the door open. I cross to the bed and drop her on the comforter. She scooches back, making room, and I grab her ankles to keep her from getting too far. Joining her on the bed I kneel between her parted legs, skimming along her calves up to her knees.

Violet leans back on her elbows, watching me. Her lips are parted, her long hair hanging down to brush the bed. I’m trying to decide what I want to do first. If I fuck her mouth, I can recover while I lick her pussy. Or I could start with eating her and then we can have sex and I can get the blow job later. So many options. So few hours to cover them all.

Violet drags a finger along the edge of her robe, where the loose V dips at her cleavage Or we could start with tit-fucking, which will inevitably mean my dick will end up in her mouth. I kiss the inside of her knee, then run my hands up her thighs. Violet’s hips lift, seeking out the touch I’ve yet to provide. I feel like teasing. And maybe getting what I want first. I pull the tie on her robe, setting the two sides free. The satin slides over her hips, revealing a whole lot of what the fuck.

She’s wearing only a bra and panties. It’s what’s going on with the panties that has me stopping.

“Oh shit!” She grabs the two sides of her robe and pulls it closed. She tries to do the same with her knees, but I hold them open with my palms.

“What’s going on down here?”

“You’re not supposed to see! It’s part of the surprise!”

“What surprise?”

“Your Christmas present. Damn it. You distracted me and I forgot I was wearing these.” She motions to her crotch, which she’s covered. All I’ve gotten is a glimpse so far, and I’m not exactly sure what I was looking at.

I reach out, with the intention of pushing her hands away so I can check it out. “No, Alex! Don’t! You’ll ruin my surprise!”

She does some weird flailing thing, like she’s attempting a backwards somersault, but she’s not managing it very well. I let go of her and she rolls to the side. Turning away from me, she quickly loses her panties, tossing them on the floor. She struggles with her bra, but I don’t bother to help, just in case that’s part of the surprise as well. The red satin of her robe slides over her shoulders, revealing her narrow waist and then goes lower.

She looks over her shoulder at me just as she reveals the dimples above her ass. And then it pools around her body on the comforter. “Are you planning to fuck me until I can’t walk, Alex?”

My eyes shoot up to hers. Violet’s referencing the time we has sex in the locker room, after I was ejected from the game for fighting. It was a bad place to get it on, but God, that sex is burned into my brain for the rest of my life. It’s my go-to jack-off material when I’m away.

Instead of tackling Violet to the bed, I move her hair over her shoulder and kiss her neck. “Is that what you were hoping for?”

“If all I’m getting for the next week is Barry, then yes, please.”

This time when I kiss her neck, I use teeth. Glancing over her shoulder, I look down at her breasts. Her nipples are hard, as they should be. I reach around and palm one. With my free hand I push my jeans and boxers over my hips, setting my cock free. I pull her to me, rubbing my dick against her ass.

She tenses for a second, then moans when I caress her other breast and thumb her nipples. Violet gets a little antsy when my dick’s near her ass. I think she thinks I’m just going to try and slip it in there one day. I might be able to do that with a finger on occasion, which she’s decided she doesn’t mind, but my cock isn’t a slip-in kind of appendage.

After close to a year, Violet still requires a primer before sex, otherwise it’s too much and I end up putting her out of commission for a couple of days. Which is no good. Especially not on a night like tonight.

My cock settles in its natural spot, the cleft of her ass. “Alex,” Violet warns.

“Don’t worry, baby, your ass is safe.” I slide a hand down her stomach.

“You say that, but I think Super MC has other ideas.”

“He knows there are other tight, warm places he gets to hang out in.”

She turns around in my arms, leaning back so my cock sticks straight out at her. “You mean my belly button?” She thrusts her stomach forward and tries to get the head to hit her navel, but she misses by a couple inches.

“That hole’s way too small.” I’m about to grab hold of her again, when I notice, aside from how awesome her boobs look, that she’s got black lines on her stomach and under her boobs. It leaves a smudge when I rub it. “What’s this?”

She looks down. “Oh. Uh . . . I was making a pattern and this seemed like the easiest way to make sure it was going to work.”

“What kind of pattern?”

“It’s part of the surprise.” She leans into me, her boobs mashing against my chest. “Stop trying to ruin your Christmas present.”

“You know, you might want to give it to me early,” I run my hands down her sides, pulling her hips to mine so I can rub my hard-on against her stomach.

“Why would I want to do that?” Violet tilts her head back and I kiss her neck.

“My sister’s going to be here when I get back, and Lily’s coming with her, then my parents the next day.” I keep up with the slow, wet kisses. “We won’t have a lot of privacy over the holidays. We could have an early celebration. I already picked up one of your gifts.” I pull back. “We could do an exchange and you could show me what you made for me.”

Violet gives me the eye. “You have zero patience.”

I trail a finger down her stomach, circling her navel and go lower, stopping before I get to her bare pussy. I give her what she calls my pouty-sexy face. I’d be offended, because I don’t think I pout, but I do whatever gets me what I want. “Just one little present? We’re going to have a house full of people, Violet. What if we don’t have time to enjoy whatever it is you’re making?”

She sighs. It makes her boobs jiggle. “Okay fine.” She pushes on my chest. “Lie down and wait here. I’ll be right back.”

I do as I’m told, pushing the covers down and reclining against the pillows as Violet hops off the bed, grabs her panties and robe from the floor and runs out of the bedroom.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I was that kid who used to find my parents’ hiding spot for presents and carefully open every package so I knew what I was getting before I got it. Sunny refused to join me in the game, but she never ratted me out. She figured if I wanted to ruin my own surprises that was on me, as long as I didn’t ruin hers.

I bought Violet her own pair of skates. Good ones. So she can learn, because she still doesn’t know how. I got her a couple other things, but the skates are the fun gift. Probably not as fun as what she has planned.

I tuck my hands behind my head and wait. And wait some more. And a little more. My hard-on’s deflating. “Violet, baby? You coming back any time soon?”

“One more minute!”

One more minute turns into several. By this time I almost all the way soft again. I’m about to get up when she struts into the room wearing a pair of sparkly red heels. Well, strut’s is probably the wrong word.

Violet’s not great in high heels. She can do ones she call kittens, but these are hooker heels, super tall with a platform. Her red satin robe is tied at the waist with a white ribbon. She’s wearing an elf hat and she has a red drawstring bag slung over one shoulder. It’s sexy as fuck, even if she’s struggling with the walking part. She takes her time shuffling over to me. She almost rolls her ankle and I spring up, ready to grab her, but she recovers, grabbing the post at the end of the bed, like it was intentional.

She climbs over the footboard, the gap in her robe showing off her ample cleavage. My hard-on is back like magic. She tosses the red bag on the bed and I reach for it, but she slaps my hand. “No peeking!”

I hold my hands up in apology, then drop them by my sides, waiting to see what she’s going to do next. She seems pretty excited about whatever it is she has planned.

Still wearing the robe, Violet straddles my hips and settles over my cock. The satin brushes over my legs and pools on my abs. The head of my cock peeks out. I don’t move, too entertained by the flush in her cheeks and the way she grips the hem together at the bottom.

I’m trying to discern all the sensations. The heat is damp, almost verging on wet, which isn’t unusual for Violet. She’s slippery when she’s excited. There’s another sensation, though, soft and foreign. I slide my palms up her legs, but she stops them before she gets too far. Threading her fingers through mine, she leans forward and kisses my chin, then my lips.

“Be patient, baby.”

“I’m trying. I’ve been waiting to get inside you all day.”

She grins. “Not long now, and you’ll be jumping down the chimney.”


Her eyebrows rise, but that’s all the answer I get. She pushes away, sitting up. “Ready?”

“For you? Always.”

She gives me a cheeky wink, adjusts her elf hat, then swings her leg over so she’s no longer straddling me. Maybe I’m about to get a blow job. She makes a face when she takes in my dick. It’s wet. From her pussy. I love that about her. We only need lube for tit fucks.

“Shit. Why am I always so leaky?” She turns so her back is to me and rubs the hem of her robe on my cock. If she’s putting it in her mouth I don’t see the point.

That’s not what happens, though. Violet straddles me again, almost stabbing me in the face with one of her heels. I grab her ankle before she can take an eye out, which sets her off balance and she falls forward, sprawling out over my legs.

“You okay, baby?” I ask.

“Yup. Yeah. Sorry, the heels are a little dangerous. Maybe I need to take them off?” She looks over her should at me, apologetic.

I run my hands up her calves. “Leave them on, I like them, just no sudden movements.” I’m all the way hard now. The idea of going at it reverse cowboy helps with that. I love watching Violet’s ass jiggle when she’s riding my cock from behind. I don’t get to do that very often, because she’s always afraid I’m going to take advantage of the view.

“Okay.” She drops her Santa bag between my legs.

“What’s going on over there?”

“You’ll see in a minute.”

I keep stroking her calves, while she does whatever she’s doing. I prop myself up on my elbow, trying to get a peek, but Violet digs her heel into my side.


She smacks my thigh. “I said no peeking.”

I flop back down and decide to be patient. I lift the hem of her robe and check out the sweet view of her ass. She’s wearing a thong. I might love Violet’s boobs more than anything, but her ass is a close second. She’s got this fabulous curvy body with a tiny waist and a luscious, biteable ass. I tuck the robe into the back of her panties and start kneading the supple skin, grazing the divide with my thumbs.

She tenses and shrieks, swatting at my hands. “What are you doing?”

“Entertaining myself.”

“Stay away from my area 51.”

“I can’t make that kind of promise. You should hurry up with my surprise.” I’m  joking. Mostly. But it gets a rise out of her.

Violet starts handling my cock. She’s not stroking, though. She wraps something around the head. Violet giggles. I feel something cold, then something soft.

“Are you dressing up my dick again?”

She snickers. “Maybe.”

“You’re not tying anything to him!” I bolt upright and Violet nearly topples over. The last time she dressed up my dick—as a superhero—she almost decapitated him. The cape she made required a bow, which turned into a knot. Scissors were involved in the removal. It was not my favorite moment.

“I’m using Velcro!”

“You’re sticking thing to my dick with Velcro?” I wrap an arm around her waist and pick her up. Her heel slides across my abs, leaving behind a red mark, which I’ll happily take if she’s not suffocating my dick again.

Violet scrambles over my legs, straddling the right way around and tries to cover my cock with her robe. “He’s not ready!”

“Seriously, Violet?”

Her shoulders droop and her mouth turns down at the corners, her disappointment obvious. I sigh. “Fine. Finish what you were doing, but quickly. You’re killing my hard-on.” I cross my arms over my chest while she produces a tiny Santa hat. She keeps my dick hidden behind her robe. A few seconds later she pulls the tie on her robe.

“Voila!” She does jazz hands on either side of my cock. “Santa Dick!”

My cock is indeed dressed up like Santa. She’s gone so far as to sew a Santa coat with little stuffed arms and crafted a beard out of what I assume is felt and cotton balls. It’s Velcroed under the base of the head. It even has eyes and a nose. A little Santa hat tops the head.

I point to the nose. “Is that a Nerd?”

She nods enthusiastically. “And the eyes are candies!”

I look up, and realize that my dick is not the only thing that’s dressed up. Mini candy canes hang from Violet’s nipples. I think she’s taped them there. While that’s inventive, it’s the underwear I’m most fascinated by. They look like a chimney, with a snowy top, except upside down. I gesture to her crotch. “What’s going on here?”

She climbs back into my lap. One of the candy canes falls off her boob. She pauses to reattach it. Then she rises up, so the chimney is over top of my slowly deflating Santa dick. He’s starting to lean to the right. Violet lowers herself a few inches and the chimney flap covers my dick. The little hat falls off.

“See! Santa’s going down the chimney!” She flips up the flap, which she’s sewn to the top of the panties to show me. “Do you like it?”

I shake my head and laugh. “You’re ridiculous.”

“I know.” She covers him with the chimney and bobs up and down again, making him disappear and reappear a couple of times.

I let her entertain herself briefly before I make a suggestion.“You should eat the candies now.”

Violet tosses one of the candy canes at me before she leans down and sucks the eyes off the head, followed by the Nerd nose. Then she licks her way around, cleaning off the candy adhesive. I groan and side my fingers into her hair. On the next pass she removes the dick sock/Santa coat and takes in more of me.

I shift her body so her ass faces me, then slide her panties over her hips so I can get her ready. She moans on my cock when I slide two fingers inside her and start pumping. I add one more, just to make sure she’s ready before I pull her off and bring her mouth to mine. Violet climbs on top of me and sinks down.

She circles her hips on the way, taking me inside. Her elf hat falls off, her long hair tickling my chest as she leans down, lips brushing over mine. “Did you like my surprise?”

“It was very entertaining.”

“The Velcro works nice.”

“It does.” I grip her ass and grind her over me.

“Thanks for letting me dress your dick up.”

“Thanks for hugging him when you were done playing dress up.”

She giggles. “Vagina hugs are the best, right?”

“Definitely the best.”

I’ll give Violet her present later. When I’m done providing orgasms.